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I Love You Deerly

I've got a bit of a Deer obsession at the moment, Just check out my Pinterest board about them! 
Anyway this one is a potential poster that i've created for valentines day or just a random gift for someone! If you're interested in getting hold of one please email me ASAP to let me know and if I get enough requests I'll send it to my printers who have a quick turnaround!
Update: I've made these little Deerys available as a print on Society 6 they can take a while to deliver to the UK though so still get in touch for one of my printed versions! Scroll down to find out what else you'll find on my Society 6

Let me know if you would like this poster, It is likely I would print it the same as my bicycle one (scroll down on the Etsy page to see the specs)

P.S. I'm also selling throw cushions on my Society 6
How cool do they look!?