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The A4 Portfolio Challenge

Yesterday I put together an A4 portfolio and today I'm challenging you to do the same. 

An agency requested this style of portfolio from me so I got cracking. The reason for it is to see a wide range of your work in one quick glance. Easy right?

That's what I thought until I got into it. The task is to fit 24-25 of your best illustrations (or you could do this for photography) onto an A4 sized canvas.

The most challenging parts were
-Making a unique space for each illustration
- Choosing the best illustrations to show
- Cropping some of the illustrations
- Aligning them perfectly on the page (well, almost)

But once I'd completed it I saw how valuable something like this could be. It's a showcase of all my work in my portfolio and more, it even shows work that isn't in my portfolio and odd jobs that are all over the internet and would take a while to track down in a hurry. I also think it sums up my style quite nicely and shows me where I can improve.

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