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Bon Voyage Jeremy. Personalised cards from Hello by Milli-Jane

Below "Bon Voyage Jeremy": Purchase at my Shop and email me with your choice of name and anything else you'd like altered
I thought I should go into a little more detail about my range of customisable cards I have at Hello by Milli-Jane. What i have is a small range of cards at my shop but never fear i am perfectly happy to print any illustration i have done onto a card with any text of your choice for exactly the same price as any in my shop.

So if you do find an illustration you prefer or you'd like the layout of the card or the words changed added or even excluded then email me at millijane@me.com and we can complete the order process there. Meaning Bon Voyage Jeremy can be replaced from anything from Have a perfect Journey to Get Lost Toby! It's up to you :)

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